13 Jul How to Change Information Your Real Estate Photography Website?

How to change information on the website from backend?

When you first log into your real estate photography website you will be presented with the property info webpage and from here you may change the real estate agent information, address, floor plan, price,  music, google analytics, features and details of the real estate property.

You fill out the forms and click out of it to automatically save.
If you want a logo or floor plan click the browse and upload it in the designated choose file button.

For the website fields http:// can’t be typed in those input fields because the database will not register it.


How come the description is not showing?

Note: For each field there is max character length. For description you can type up to 5000 characters. Special Unicode characters will not work.  Only use written text and no special characters.

Note characters not accepted: \r \n + –

They are representation of line break and quoted string.

If special characters must be used, print screen->save screen as .jpg, crop and upload the description as .jpg